ZWBS3001 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

  • A dual-purpose machine at the same time determination of flash point and ignition point.
  • Accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation
  • With power failure memory function

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The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power systemautomation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

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Product Introduction

ZWBK3001 closed automatic flash point determination instrument, mainly used for determination of petroleum products closed cup flash point value. Widely used in electric power, petro leum, chemical industry, commodity inspection, research and other departments, in accordance with D93 GB/T, 261-2008 ASTM standard method requirements.

Functional Characteristics

1. The instrument uses the ARM microprocessor technology, color LCD.
2. With power failure memory function.
3. Automatic ignition, display, and print results, automatic cooling function lock.
4. Accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWBS3001
Display device color LCD display
Operation mode touch screen
Measurement range 40~350
Temperature test platinum resistance
Repeat > 110 - 2 Deg. C = 110 - 1 Deg. C
Ignition mode electric ignition
Information storage 1000 analysis results can be stored
Cooling method forced air cooling
Printer thermal printer
Re D93 GB/T ASTM 261 standard
Power less than 350VA 220V + 50Hz, 11V + 2.5HZ
Using environmental temperature Using environmental temperature
The use of environmental humidity less than 85%

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