3 Cup Oil BDV Tester ZHIWEI ZWJD113E For Transformer

  • With a microprocessor, automatically fulfill the withstand voltage test for oil circulation with a range of 0~100KV;
  • Display by large-screen LCD;
  • Simple operation.

Demo Video

Product Introduction

Many power systems, railway systems, large-scale petrochemical plants and enterprises have a lot of electrical equipment whose internal insulation are mostly oil-filled insulation type, and therefore,
test on insulating oil dielectric strength is common and necessary. This instrument, by using a single-chip microcomputer as the core, can operate in full automation with high accuracy, greatly
improving work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Functional Characteristics

1. This instrument adopts a microprocessor, three cups in one, automatically completes the operations of boosting, maintaining, stirring, standing still, calculating, printing, etc., and can perform oil circulation pressure test within the range of 0 ~ 80KV.
2. Large-screen LCD display, English menu prompts.
3. The instrument is easy to operate, the operator only needs to make simple settings, and the instrument will automatically complete the pressure test of 1-3 oil samples according to the settings. Each oil sample, each breakdown voltage value and number of cycles will be automatically stored. After the test is completed, the thermal printer can print out each breakdown voltage value and average value of each oil sample.
4. Retentive when power off, can store 100 experimental results, and can display the current ambient temperature and humidity.
5. Single-chip microcomputer control is used to boost the voltage at a constant speed, and the voltage frequency is accurate to 50HZ, which makes the whole process easy to control.
6. With overvoltage, overcurrent, limit and other protections to ensure the safety of operators.
7. It has the function of temperature measurement display and system clock display.
8. The standard RS232 interface can communicate with the computer.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWJD113E
Basic technical parameters Booster capacity 1.5kva
Boost speed 0.5kV/s-5.0kV/s(adjustable)
Output voltage 0 ~ 80 kV(optional)
Power supply distortion rate < 3%
Electrode gap Standard 2.5mm
Measuring accuracy: ±3%
Standing time 15min (adjustable)
Boosting interval 5 min (adjustable)
Boosting frequency 1~9 time(s) (optional)
Overall dimension 585mm*390 mm *410 mm
Conditions of use Ambient temperature 0 ~ 45℃
Relative humidity ≤75%RH
Working power AC 220V ± 10%
Power frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Power consumption < 200w

Product Details

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