ZWJS901 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss and Resistivity Tester

  • Designed in integrated function of oil cell, heating, temperature control and voltage regulating
  • Multi anti-jamming technology.
  • Large colorful touch screen, automatically test and man-friendly operation.
  • Integrated electronic with short circuit and over current protection design, ensure more stable performance and longer life.
  • The product has an automatic oil drain oil cup structure.

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Product Introduction

In the preventive test of electrical equipment insulation, periodic measurement of insulating oil parameters of electrical equipment is required. The measurement of dielectric loss and resistivity of insulating oil is one of the most important items. The Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss and Resistivity Tester is a precision instrument designed for testing electrical equipment. With the rapid development of electronic technology and the electric power industry’s requirements for measuring instruments with small size, light weight, convenient operation, rapid measurement and high precision, our company is based on the national standard GB/T5654-2007/IEC 60247-2004 “Liquid insulating material relative capacitance, measurement of dielectric loss factor, dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity”, and with reference to related instruments at home and abroad, we have developed a domestically leading high-precision integrated insulating oil dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity tester. With user-friendly operation and reliable results, it provides comprehensive evaluation of oil quality and equipment safety checks.

Functional Characteristics

1. Apply advanced measurement principles and highly digital technology to automatically complete processes such as heating, temperature control, high-speed data sampling, calculation, display, printing and storage;
2. The oil cup adopts a three-electrode structure that meets the national standard GB/T5654-2007, with a distance between electrodes of 2mm, which can eliminate the influence of stray capacitance and leakage current on the dielectric loss test results;
3. The instrument adopts intermediate frequency induction heating.
4. It contains a standard capacitor.
5. Large color touch screen, convenient man-machine dialogue, simple and clear to operate, clear at a glance.
6. It has warm reminders such as “open the lid to break high voltage”, “oil cup high and low voltage electrode short circuit”, etc. to eliminate safety hazards and ensure the personal safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment.
7. With real-time clock, the test date and time can be saved, displayed, and printed along with the test results.
8. Automatic storage of measurement data, 100 sets of measurement data can be stored, and the thermal printing speed is fast.
9. With empty electrode cup calibration function.
10. The calibration data is automatically saved to facilitate accurate calculation of relative permittivity and DC resistivity.
11. The product has an automatic oil drain oil cup structure. You can add oil for testing or cleaning without taking out the oil cup. After the test, the oil sample can be automatically discharged.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWJS901
Technical Guidance Test voltage range 0~2000VAC l 0~500VDC
Test temperature range room temp~125℃
Dielectric loss test range 0.00001~1
Measurement accuracy ±(indicating value×0.5%+0.0001)
Relative dielectric constant ±(indicating value×0.5%+0.1)
Resistivity resolution 0.001MΩ·m
Resistive test range 2.5MΩ·m~20TΩ·m
Power 500W
Supply voltage AC220V±22V
Working Condition Environmental temperature 0℃~+40℃
Relative humidity ≤75%RH
Weight and Dimension Instrument dimension 470×425×385
Weight 22kg

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