ZWKS3000 Open Cup Oil Flash Point Tester

  • A dual-purpose machine at the same time determination of flash point and ignition point.
  • Accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation
  • With power failure memory function

Product Introduction

Automatic analyzerZWKS3000 to open flash point, flash point of petroleum products Determination of value, value.The instrument adopts electric ignition mode, without any combustible gas, fully comply with ASTMD92 (GB3536-2008),GB267-88 method. ARM series of high performance microprocessor, electric erase memory (which can be stored on a thousand data), color LCD and touch screen, PID from the whole set of the latest technology.

Functional Characteristics

1. Very strong function. A dual-purpose machine at the same time determination of flash point and ignition point, and print the test results, with internal clock chip, automatically display the current date, time, power down to keep the.
2. High precision. The temperature error was controlled at 1.5, and the resolution was 0.1.* good repeatability.
3. Test environment in the guarantee, consistent with 267-88 GB3536 (ASTM D92) or GB / T for continuous measurement of the same samples, both flash point value difference is less than or equal to 4 degrees centigrade.
4. A high degree of automation. Can automatically complete the testing process, automatic cooling, automatic information tips, etc..
5. Open flash point determination instrument function and performance at home and abroad and the highest level standards, oil, electricity, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other industries to replace imported products of special instruments.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWKS3000
Range 40 ~400
Detection type flash point or light
Temperature test platinum resistance
Quasi accuracy 1
Re GB3536-2008 (D92 ASTM), 267-88 GB/T
Display device color liquid crystal display
Information storage 500 measurement results can be stored
Ignition mode electric ignition
Cooling method forced air cooling
Printer dot matrix printer
Self check function lift rod, stroke, print, etc.
Power less than 600VA
Power supply 220V + 11V, 2.5Hz + 50Hz
Ambient temperature 10~35
Ambient humidity less than 90%
Weight about 17kg

Product Details

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